Erev Shabbat

We had another great week at camp and we are all looking forward to Shabbat.

Eidah Hey

Today the Hey boys had a great time playing football,

while at music and Kadarut fun was had by all.

The girls really tore up the tennis and basketball courts,

but don’t worry because everyone behaved like good sports!

Eidah Aleph

Some of Eidah Aleph took care of the animals at Teva today,

while others went to Kadarut and painted their clay.

Lots of Aleph girls could be found in the trees,

and the others were spotted in Chavaya Israelit!

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet woke up on the other side of the lake,

ready to show off the breakfast they would make!

After a scrambled egg breakfast which was enjoyed a lot,

Eidah Bet returned to camp just in time for Shabbat!

Eidat Gimmel

Today Eidah Gimmel made pizza at Taboon,

and Biking, Archery, and Basketball were all accomplished by noon!

Beach Volleyball and Soccer kept everyone’s energy alive,

which is perfect when Shabbat is about to  arrive!

Eidah Daled

The Slip n’ Slide kept our Eidah Daled boys cool,

while the Daled girls enjoyed swimming in the pool!

Galgalone and Nagarut we would never miss,

Because here at Moshava there is only bliss!


At High Ropes Machal could see over the entire camp,

and at Flag Football everyone walked away as champs!

Tie Dye helped spread the color and joy that Machal’s already got,

Because our Machal bunks are as tight as knots!

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